About Mindfulness Center Idaho

Mindfulness is our natural, human ability to become fully present and aware in our lives – breath by breath.

Why mindfulness? We live in a compulsively busy world that is full of distractions and stress.  This stress weighs on our minds and bodies.  Mindfulness and meditation are proven tools to reduce stress and help develop a sense of happiness and well-being.

Mindfulness sessions provide useful tools that you can use at any time to create a sense of ease and calm amidst the challenges of daily living. I recommend a series of six to eight sessions. These are best done weekly, or twice monthly. Mindfulness is accessible for everyone.

Mindfulness Center Idaho offers individual and small group sessions in the practice of mindfulness. These sessions develop skills for accessing a calm mind and a body that is at ease.  With a calm mind and a relaxed body, you can embody freedom and compassion in daily life.   

Mindful mentoring is an opportunity to personally experience different mindfulness practices, such as mindfulness meditation,    mindful movement, visualization, and positive affirmation. A variety of practical tools are offered to integrate into your everyday life. Initial sessions center around basic instruction. Later sessions specifically tailored to your personal goals and objectives. Just as the small bird in the photo leans a bit to one side, while the Jizo statue stands upright, working with an experienced practitioner makes learning easier.

Individual and Couple Mentoring Sessions help you learn mindfulness tools that are specifically tailored to your personal situation. Initial sessions center around basic mindfulness and meditation instruction; later sessions can be tailored to focus on body-centered movements, breath work or other useful techniques. While four to six sessions are recommended, this is up to the individual.  Training the mind takes patience, time and regular effort.

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